Everyone I know is fascinated with hummingbirds. We are blessed in New Mexico to have several common species including Rufous, Black-chin, Broadtail, and Calliope. Hummingbirds are known to gather in “swarms” around feeders. The birds can be very aggressive with each other and may “guard” feeders. In addition to the bright colors of the males and the aerial acrobatics, the birds make interesting high pitched chirps.

We camp for 10 days every year in August in the Gila National Forest near Reserve, NM. The “monsoon” rains of late summer bring afternoon clouds and storms, abundant wildflowers and large numbers of hummingbirds. We put multiple feeders out and enjoy morning coffee watching these amazing birds. These photos are a few of the keepers of the hundreds I take every year. The birds are challenging to photograph due to their small size and great speed. I use a flash and relatively slow shutter speed which frequently freezes the body and shows the blur of wings.