In the spring of 1968, I was in the fifth grade. I walked to and from school every day. In early May, I chose to walk through a semi-rural area and discovered where a house had once been. All that was left of the house was the outline of the foundation. Near the foundation, in what I assumed was the front of the house, there were several flower beds that were in bloom.

Among the flowers that were there, were some beautiful white and blue purple irises. I cut some of the flowers (with the Cub Scout pocket knife I always carried) and dug up some of the corms and took them home to my Mother for Mother’s day. She was pleased and we planted them in the front yard surrounding the gas meter where they thrived and bloomed year after year. Almost 50 years later, we continue to cultivate the Mother’s Day irises and have moved them from house to house in the process.

For several years, I have tried to photograph the flowers but never felt that I got an image that adequately represented the beauty of the flower. With these six images, I feel I have finally been successful in capturing the beauty and emotion I feel when I look at the Mother’s Day Irises.